Commercial Management of coastal and ocean going vessels.

Cargotab also offers Operations Management Services that allow clients to maximize their assets through the employment of tonnage by spot, period, or contract business.

Our in-house commercial team creates holistic solutions that cover key aspects of maritime operations such as chartering, accounting, research, consulting, demurrage, and claims. We also have an all-around operations team that comprises master mariners with experience in relevant vessel types, to provide proper guidance in the carriage, load, and discharge of cargo.

You can be rest assured that your assets are operated in a secure manner, taking into consideration the optimization of cargo, schedule of delivery, and overall cost implications.

Our deliverables include:
  • Fixture and Post Fixture (including negotiation of charter parties)
  • Voyage Estimates
  • Lay Time and Hire Statements
  • Collection of Freight
  • Resolution of Charter Party Disputes
  • Voyage Financial Summary
  • Appointment of Agents and Provision of Bunkers